Nissin Corporation 日信商事株式会社


Coating Compositions For

olor steel plates, automobiles, automobile repairs, electric equipment, metal and machinery products, iron and steel structures, railroad vehicles, chimney pipes, aerial beacons, marine vessels, antifouling, anticorrosive, top side coatings, waterlines, tanks, shop-primers, anticorrosion, bridges, heavy corrosion proof, concrete, buildings, construction materials, floors, roofs, roads, pest control, steel vessels, fishing nets, wood products, households, leather, plastic, magnesium, temperature indicators, hair implantation, heat resistance, chemical resistance, super-thick film, super-weather resistance, patterns, electrically conductivity, hydrophilic effect, sound proofing, ceramic, putty, thinner, film peeling agents.

Oil Solutions For

industrial purposes, surface-active agents, synthetic resins, metal finishing agents, metal corrosion inhibitors, antitarnish agents, corrosion addition agents, surface protection agents, cleansing agents, sterilizing agents, metal agents, powder dust inhibitors, abrasive compounds, glazing agents, water repellent agents, caulking agents.

Chemical Products

adhesive films, adhesion agents, water resistance agents steel sheet, organic acids, fluorine resins

Metal-surface Treatment Agents

special welding electrodes, metal gash agents, welding equipment apparatus.

Welding Electrondes

special welding electrodes, metal gash agents, welding equipment apparatus.

Dry / Accumulator Batteries

dry batteries, accumulator batteries, battery check meters.

Elrctronic / Electrical equipment related products

electron element materials, anisotropic conductive films, direct-current power supply systems, uninterruptible power supplies.

Apparatus and Equipment

Coating apparatuses, coating guns, coating equipment, inspecting and measuring instruments, coating testing machines, household equipment, air-conditioning equipment.

Oversea plant maintenance

various types of equipment, exporting maintenance parts for machine tools, sending supervise experts, export and procurement of industrial tools, metal molds, equipment for factories.

Coatings and Engineering Works

iron frame steel product coating, metal product coating, construction coating, building renovation coating, heavy corrosion proof.

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